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In 2018 Ongsho start Ongsho Ads. There are two type of account system. In Advertiser account anyone can publish ads to a large community. Monetize any website or blogs using Ongsho Ads publisher account to get their ads code for earning.

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Ongsho Ads is an online network of advertisers and publishers. We provide advertising solutions for advertisers of all sizes. Sign up for a free account to create ads for promoting your online business. Ads allows you to advertise using text and banner advertisements. The ads submitted to our system are served worldwide through our large publisher network

Ads publisher account is meant for any website/blog owner who wish to generate revenue by providing space for publishing ads from our system in their websites. Publishers can earn from every genuine clicks on our advertisements sent from their websites. Ads allows you the choice of restricting ads of specific sites thereby giving the freedom of filtering out competitor ads.

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We have zero tolerance against any sort of fraud attempts. We are very much concerned about the quality of clicks sent to our advertisers. We have robust fraud detection mechanisms to detect and reverse any fraud attempts/clicks. Please read the advertiser terms and publisher terms on the registration page before signing up.

What you get working with Ongsho Ads

LThere are many positive things that you get when you work with us, here are some of them:


To get started, Just choose whatever you like and purchse with just 1 click.


We support all the modern payment systems that are continuously improving.


When you sign up with us you will earn extra income from your websites.


If you have questions Contact us anytime we are here to help.

Why choose us?

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What we offer?

Now become a Publisher or Advertiser !


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  • Text Or Banner Ads
  • Direct Link
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  • Generate Income From Your Sites
  • Refer others to us and get 5%

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ongsho Ads?

Ongsho Ads is a free, simple way to make money online by placing ads on your website.

5% Referral Bonus

Ongsho Ads referral program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with your Websites! Refer friends and receive 5% of their earnings for life!

How do I start making money?

It's just 4 steps: create an account, submit your website,create adzone and place it in your wesbite - For every clicks impressions, you earn money. It's just that easy!.

Featured Administration Panel

Control all of the features from the administration panel with a click of a button.

What is the minimum Payout?

You are required to earn only $10.00 before you will be paid.


Target By Country & Device

Ongsho Ads is an online advertising network, simple way to Advertise your business and targeting more customers.

Advanced Reports

Ongsho Ads have special offer for you. You can target any device or any country with your campaigns!

How do I start?

Know your audience. Analyse in detail what brings you the most clicks/views!

Featured Administration Panel

It's just 3 steps: create an account, deposit money,create new campaign. It's just that easy!.

What is the minimum Deposit?

Control all of the features from the administration panel with a click of a button.

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Floor 6, Sheikh Hasina Software Technology Park Nazir Shankarpur Jessore, Bangladesh



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